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Welcome to Cystic Fibrosis Strength, A first for the CF community. 

After nearly 10 years in the health & industry, I decided to create a platform for those whose lives have been affected by Cystic Fibrosis. 


This platform was designed to allow me (and others) to share everything I have learned over the past decade when it comes to nutrition, training, mindset, breathe work, posture, confidence and much more! 

A place where people from all over the world and come to help learn, support and grow together!

The goal for this platform is a bold one but I created it to help people with CF lead stronger, healthier and LONGER lives!

Who is CF Strength for?

  • Parents of children with CF

  • People who want to learn more about fitness and nutrition

  • Health care professionals looking to increase their understanding of CF

  • People who want to lead healthier, stronger and longer lives

What's Included

Join Private Facebook Group

- Become part of the biggest support network in CF and help each other make life with CF that little bit easier 

Recipe Books

- Get healthy, easy to create recipes to make eating with CF that little bit more easy

Access To Video Library

- Educate yourself on topics like:
How to increase lung functions

Best exercises for Children

How to gain weight the right way with CF and an extensive exercise library to help you in the gym

Live Q&A's

- Join in on and ask your questions in the bi-weekly live Q&A sessions with Ben personally

Medical Professionals Advice

- Learn from world-leading specialists in the CF community


- Learn from the list of articles on topics like:

Why motivation sucks

Do you need protein shakes

Breathing exercise and more

Children's exercise plans

- Get your child's life off to the best start possible and make health and fitness a part of their ongoing life

The CF Strength Podcast

- Get access to the inspiring and informative podcast hosted by Ben. Hear from people whose lives CF has touched and learn about their stories

Training Plans

- CF specific training plans to help you get stronger and more confident, Including free sample sessions to try out


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