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I don't know about you but having CF has kinda got me used to isolation in the mental sense anyway! I was used to feeling alone and 'unique' growing up in relation to my CF.

I didn't know anyone with CF and often times all the issues and thoughts I had about CF felt like they were completely unique to me. One of the most amazing things I found when I started working with people with CF was that I wasn't alone! All the worries and thoughts I had were shared by my clients as well. I cannot describe the feeling of relaxation or peace I had! (Honestly not sure what the feeling or emotion I was having was but it was nice)

This is a huge reason why I created this website! I wanted to give people a place to feel safe and for people to learn that they are not alone in this world!

I work with a lot of people with CF in an online coaching capacity and even though we are from different countries, have different backgrounds, different upbringings and are different ages and gender, we still relate on so many levels due to this condition we have.

I have never had an issue with sharing my emotions! In fact, my mum said that she could not speak to me for a week but would know everything that's happening with me and yet she could speak to my brother every day and not know a thing about what's happening with him. I say this because I have been on calls with clients and been brought to tears when we are talking. For instance, I had a call with a new client today and we both said how nice it was to feel like all the thoughts we have had over the years were not so unique and that we were both feeling a bit emotional even saying that!

My point in this article is that you don't need to suffer alone as I did for so many years! I know there is a lot of negativity associated with CF but there is also a lot of positivity as well, it's just looking in the right areas to find it. I want as many positive and driven people to be a part of this growing platform.

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