Does the 'Perfect' plan exist?

Random Coach: "This is the perfect plan for building muscle!"



The unfortunate truth is that there isn't a 'perfect' plan, however there is a 'best' plan for you!

The best plan for you is the one you can stick to. It's the plan that flows into your lifestyle like water flows through a sewage system (gross analogy but you get the point).

When looking at a plan or even creating one yourself, the first important and most factor you need to address is adherence to the plan. I could create a great plan for you but if you can't follow it, it becomes redundant.

I have always said that you should stick to a plan that you could do on your busiest week, not your ideal week.

Life gets in the way more than you would probably like, but it happens. Trying to stick to a plan that has you going to the gym 5 days a week is just setting you up to fail.

Optimal vs Enjoyment

When it comes to plans you want to find a nice balance between these two factors. Optimal would be the 'perfect' plan for what you want to achieve but it doesn't take into consideration your lifestyle, job, stresses, family etc.

Enjoyment is obviously a very important factor when it comes to a training plan. If you don't enjoy a plan you won't stick to it long term. However, a plan needs to challenge you in order for it to work. You will often find that people will tend to stick to the exercises they enjoy and avoid the ones that don't (it's not really rocket science). We need to find a plan that has a good balance of optimal and enjoyment if you are looking to stick to it long term and get good results. The exercises you avoid are often the ones that you need to do more of. For example, I used to avoid lower back and core movements because I hurt my lower back years ago and I hated the discomfort the exercises gave me. However since including them into my programme my back has improved massively and now I actually enjoy them!

To sum up

The perfect plan doesn't exist. The best plan for you is the one you can do on your worst week. Make sure the plan you do takes into account your goals but also some stuff you enjoy! If you can nail these factors you will be well on your way to making some great progress!


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