Fruit sugar vs Processed refined sugar (Sweets/candy)

Is there a difference? If so what?

Fruit contains sugar we all know this, but it also contains a whole lot of nutrients, fibre, water and requires you to chew! All of these slow down how quickly the sugar gets into your body.

One big thing that fruit sugars have over refined sugars is the fact that fruit is extremely filling!

Lets give you a an example when it comes to fruit vs refined sugars.

The average large banana has around 17gs of sugar

One bottle of coke original has 50gs of sugar

Now which do you think you could consume faster? You could easily consume a bottle of coke in a couple of seconds, however I wouldn't recommend guzzling down nearly 3 bananas! That's not even mentioning the nutrients that bananas have either!

Research that has been done shows only positive benefits to eating whole fruits. People who tend to have them as part of their regular diets often tend to be healthier, leaner and less likely to develop diseases!

If you are someone who is looking to lose a bit of body fat I would highly recommend including more whole fruits in your diet too. They can be very low in calories and yet are very filling which will help you avoid cravings

My favourite choice is watermelon! Let me know yours in the comments below!

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