Growth Day not rest day

More is not better when it comes to trying to build muscle and getting healthier!

"You must be in the gym all the time!"

This is a statement that gets thrown at me a lot. People assume that you need to spend hours in the gym everyday to achieve good results!

This is not the case at all.

I am going to say this a lot on this website but it needs to be said!

You do not build muscle in the gym! You build muscle outside of the gym!


When you go to the gym and do resistance training (weights) you are actually causing damage to the muscles in the form of micro tears. These tears, given the right amount of recovery and nutrition will repair and regrow back stronger.

Rest days are a very important part of progressing regardless of your goal. It allows for the body to replenish its energy systems (Glycogen), you will build more muscle and it lets your nervous system to get back to optimal working condition.

This will help you perform better in the gym when you return. Your body doesn't have an infinite amount of resources. If you invest all your resources on training, rather than resting you have fewer resources to fuel repair and growth.

Your nervous, immune, and hormonal systems after a rest day will be back to a level that will allow for greater capacity for growth and performance as well.

So let's try to think of rest days as GROWTH days rather than REST days!

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