Why you NEED to use MyFitnessPal

Do you know how many calories you are consuming day to day?

You probably think you do but chances are you are quite far off the actual number.

One of the first things I get my online clients to do is download myFitnessPal and track all their food and drink consumption for 2 weeks.

99% of the time they are shocked at how little or how much they are consuming. I say this a lot on my podcast Fitness Made Simple:

"If you aren't assessing you are just guessing!"

Ben Mudge 2018


Simply tracking your intake can educate you a lot on not only how much you are eating but the properties of foods and drinks. It will make you more aware of what is in certain foods such as its calorie content, protein, carbs, fats, sugars and even some micronutrients too.

MyFitnessPAL does take a bit of getting used to like anything new, but it will really educate you and open your eyes to what you are putting into your face hole!

Just making people more aware of their food choices can get them 95% of the way to their goals and give them more control over their health in turn. Once you know how much you are consuming you can start making adjustments and start to see results!

So get tracking and stop slacking!

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